Tax Solicitors, Lawyers and Barristers is an independent firm who fiercely support the rights of taxpayers when relating to any type of tax discrepancy. Our mission is to take away the strain and worry from any individual or business facing a tax investigation, HMRC compliance check, or being investigated for any type of tax fraud. We also help individuals and businesses set their tax records straight and make voluntary tax disclosures through a variety of different HMRC schemes.

Tax issues can cause a variety of mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Due to the severe consequences and reluctance of the tax man to keep you informed. Dealing with HMRC can be one of the most stressful experiences in your life.

We have successfully helped many individuals and businesses deal with their tax issues. We can help you forensically audit your past accounts, present information to HMRC, voluntary disclose your previously evaded affairs, and appeal penalties already issued.

HMRC’s average waiting time on hold is 47 minutes. This gives you an idea of how busy they are. A HMRC investigator may only have a matter of minutes to look through all of your accounts and make a judgement of how much tax you owe. This is often done on a worst case scenario basis, and not thoroughly investigated.

Most people when facing an enquiry about their affairs, wrong presume that HMRC will be 100% fair and correct in their assumptions. They also believe there is no recourse once HMRC makes a judgement. This is incorrect, we can take an appeal all the way to the courts and have a judge decide what is fair and just.

In 2013 HMRC were humiliated when they had to concede to defeat during a judicial review regarding the legality of a pension scheme. HMRC decided to withdraw their evidence and were ordered to pay the other sides costs. This isn’t unusually. HMRC often bully defendants and force bankruptcy. This is why it’s essential to find a good Tax Solicitor to represent your interests and ensure your affairs are processed correctly and within the law.

An experienced tax solicitor will know how to deal with HMRC’s bullying tactics, and help you present the correct information. They can find and point out any flaws in any investigation that has already proceeded against you. They can argue all points, and liaise directly with HMRC officers on your behalf.

We come across many cases where people have ignored HMRC or tried to deal with them on their own. HMRC are often not interested in payment plans and will issue CCJs, and start bankruptcy proceedings without warning. HMRC officers are also known to turn up to your business, home or work address unannounced and demanding vast sums of money.
On client had an HMRC officer turn up to his home address at 9am, demanding a full payment of £30,000 and refusing to leave. By hiring a tax solicitor you can start dealing with your tax issues in the best possible way. HMRC will soon stop their bullying tactics once they find out you have engaged the help of a solicitor specialising in tax.

We can offer a 1 hour free consultation on your tax issues with an experience tax solicitor or a tax barrister in the most serious cases. Unfortunately there is no legal aid scheme unless you case is due to fraud. Therefore, most tax investigations, disclosures and appeals have to be privately funded. Private representation can sometimes be paid for via an insurance policy, but normally it is funded via savings or borrowings.

In our experience a tax solicitor pays for themselves. By using a tax solicitor to correctly present your affairs to HMRC, they can also help minimise any penalties due. Until recently it was possible to use a tax solicitor to help disclose unknown monies to HMRC. You were able to do this via the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility and saw many people paying just 10% tax and zero penalties. Schemes like this are not widely publicised and generally only accessible via a dedicated tax firm.